ALLA Sponsored Panel Submission Guidelines

ALLA Sponsored Panels Guidelines


In an effort to help and encourage ALLA members to submit panels/roundtables for AAA consideration, the coordinating committee for ALLA has established the following guidelines for ALLA sponsorship. Please make note of the types of sessions available to AAA members, the deadlines for submission, and the process for ALLA sponsorship. If you have any questions during the process, we encourage you to contact the ALLA program coordinator for assistance.

There are (3) types of sessions for consideration:

1) Executive Sessions

Proposals are due in late January/early February and are reviewed and selected by the AAA Executive Program Committee. The small number of executive session panels do not have to be traditional paper sessions but they are usually for broad audiences in anthropology. We highly recommend that ALLA members consider submitting proposals for these prestigious and well attended panels during the AAA meetings. ALLA members should note that if your executive panel proposal is not accepted that it will go to ALLA sponsorship for invited session consideration.

2) Section Invited Sessions

Proposals are due in mid-March and reflect the thematic concerns of the ALLA membership. The AAA advises working closely with the ALLA program coordinator on invited sessions in order to strengthen their chances of acceptance. ALLA members must follow the general guidelines for invited sessions. NOTE: panels designated as invited sessions will not have to go through any further review afterwards. The ALLA program committee will notify panel organizers of its decision by the first week of April.

3) Volunteered Sessions

Proposals are due in mid-April for volunteered sessions. ALLA members who are organizing a panel and who have not submitted in time an invited session proposal are advised to contact the ALLA program coordinator to help with the process of completing the panel submission and seeking ALLA review. Please note: ALLA has a limited number of slots during the AAA for sponsorship. Because of this, it is important to note other co-sponsors considered by the panel.

For information on AAA proposal guidelines, visit the following website link:

Selection of Panels:

The ALLA Program Committee stresses the need for ALLA members to submit invited session proposals. In cases where ALLA members are not able to meet the early deadlines for submission and organize a volunteer panel or paper, the ALLA program coordinator will follow these guidelines.

1) Sessions organized during the volunteer session deadline and that ask for ALLA sponsorship will receive consideration for sponsorship with the condition that at least three of the panelists are ALLA members.

2) Sessions that have ALLA co-sponsorship do not have a three member requirement but do require that panelists with papers that reflect ALLA themes seek ALLA membership.

3) In cases where AAA members who submit individual paper submissions that are relevant to ALLA by ALLA members, the program coordinator will gather these papers and draft panels made up of these papers. We encourage mid-level and senior ALLA members to consider chairing these panels. The ALLA program coordinator will make a call-out to ALLA members for further participation. It is an excellent opportunity to mentor graduate students and junior faculty who have submitted individual papers. Note that chairing a panel does not count towards the presentation guidelines of the AAA.

4) In cases where the individual papers do not fit in the program coordinator organized panels, the program coordinator may add a paper to a panel that has less than the average number of papers (usually 5 panelists) for a panel. The condition for this will be only if the paper presenter is an ALLA member. If you are not an ALLA member then the paper will not be considered for ALLA sponsorship.

5) Following guidelines point #4, in cases where an organized panel has a paper added to the panel, the ALLA program coordinator will contact the panel organizer to make sure there is communication between the chair, organizer, panelist, and program coordinator. We encourage panel chairs and organizers to contact and reach out to individual paper presenters that fall under these two last points.

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