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Mentorship Program

ALLA’s Mentoring Program aims to foster a more supportive community among faculty and students from different academic institutions. Faculty and junior scholars are paired based on research interests, geographical region, and subfield. Faculty mentors and mentees will meet each other via Zoom in September to set the basis for continued communication between mentors and their students.

ALLA Mentorship Program 2024 – 2025

ALLA is currently accepting applications for our Mentoring Program. As part of the program, fellows are paired with a faculty mentor based on subfield, research interests, and/or geographical expertise starting Sept 2024-Aug 2025. Graduate students and upper-division undergraduates interested in grad school are welcome to apply. This year’s faculty mentors are:

Dr. Bárbara Abadía-Rexach | UC San Francisco

Dr. William A. S. Lucas | CSU Dominguez Hills

Dr. Reighan A Gillam | Dartmouth University

Dr. Mary Pena | Smith College

Dr. Alex Chávez | University of Notre Dame  

Dr. Alberto Morales | Drexel University

Dr. Vania Smith-Oka |  University of Notre Dame

Dr. Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús | Princeton University

Dr. Erica Williams | Spelman University

Dr. Anthony Jerry | UC Riverside

Dr. Jordi Rivera Prince | Brown University

How to Apply

Applications are currently being accepted Until: July 15, 2024

To apply complete the following form:  https://bit.ly/ALLA24 

For further questions contact: Nicole Hernandez (nherna51@asu.edu )